Ozora festival byter ägare :((((((( CHANGE FOR OZORA 2012 , SAVE OZORA!

Publicerat: 2011-10-22 / 18:29:04

The World is in big change now...
We are changing...

The Tribes have left Ozora.
Spirit is gone!

After 8 prosperous and joyful years, Daniel (the farmer of the land) decided to take the whole festival in his hand. He beleives he can do it as he owns the land and the event is big enough to carry on alone by itself. We have been trying to convince him for the last 2 months, but he did not even listen to the facts and the suggestions collected by us to improve the Festival rather than destroying it in his sudden strange mood.

We beleive that it is much more that has been born at Ozora, not just the name he registered, the ground and the big money behind it - but a lot of personal love and hard work.

Everybody who worked in the Ozora Team have added a lot of effort and enthusiasm. All the artists have added their vision, many of them for free. Everybody dancing there added his own vibration. And Love again. That is what can not be counted. And also it can not be missed...

The owner's decision was purely made on 'financial interests', although almost 99% of the income went to that 1 place. Does it sound familiar? The old money-pyramid again, and probably it's time to think of a new system.

So we go different ways... No fighting back, rather looking into the future.. making the best of the Present.

We are happy and sad in the same time. But we must follow our heart and not the greedy needs.. Different ways of thinking, different ways of life.

We have a beautiful vision with long years of experience and knowledge...

The ones who must leave 'O.Z.O.R.A':

Bubble Balazs - main-organiser
Oleg - ex-organiser, music, web
Edit - graphic designer
Amin - Access All Areas's father figure
Alpha - music & stage
Peter Didjital - music & stage
Extradimensional Space Agency - main stage decor
Martin Audio - sound system
Pumpui crew - visuals, movie, before & after party
Viki - shops
Csaba, Cuki and their nice friends - Magic Garden
and workshop keepers, jugglers, builders, workers, the travel crew and many artists like Raja Ram, Simon Posford & the whole Twisted Crew, Atmos, Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Man with no Name, Tristan, the PsyBaba family, the Ultimae Records family... and many more.

Thank you for all of your support!
We believe in you more than ever!!!

Together we can keep the Spirit of Ozora... w
We can even create something better.
Our collective dream has huge energies...

Funnily enough this year the chosen sign was the 'Rise of the Phoenix', in other way 'Flight of the Garuda'... Symbols. :) Who knows? Maybe it's time to leave one stage behind...

So this is the news now.

By the internet we can stay connected, more info soon.

Thank you all !!!

Love & Light





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