Publicerat: 2010-11-07 / 20:00:00
Jag lottar ut 3 set av Walk of Shame Kit.
Bra att ha vid bortamatch!

Innehåller:~ one Dress ( "morning after coverall which also serves as a great beach/pool cover-up...")
~ one pair of flip-flops ("because you can't run away fast enough in the heels from last night...")
~ a backpack ("to be able to make a quick getaway with all your belongings...")
~ one pair of sunglasses (" red-eye hiding black out sunglasses...")
~ one pre-pasted toothbrush (this is an ultimate savior because "4/5 dentists remind you that you may not remember where your mouth has been...")
~ hypo-allergenic wipes ("safe for you face and anywhere below...")
~ one Call/Don't Call card ("in case you want him to remember you.."- OR NOT")
~ one breast cancer awareness bracelet.

Skicka in bilder på era privata delar så är ni med i tävlingen.

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